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Thatch Alchemy Bracelet

Thatch Alchemy Bracelet

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Alchemy is the belief that all areas of life are effected by the powers of the planets. Each one holds meaning and symbolism that rule over various aspects of our psyche. Our emotions, strengths and desires are all unique to us as individuals based on the specific alignment of the planets at birth. Holding these powers close to us allows a harmonious magic to emerge and brings us to our fullest sense of self.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder to find balance and alignment amongst the stars and planets that surround us, or simply enjoy it for its beauty.

14k gold plated alchemy id bracelet w. enamel x cubic zirconia on 4mm curb chain.

Alchemy Pendant: 1.25" x .25" x 2mm

Bracelet Length: 6.5"

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