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Tamanohada Welcome Soap

Tamanohada Welcome Soap

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Soap on a rope, Japanese style

In 1892, Japanese company Tamanohada started out making a simple, round ball of everyday soap. Today, they’re still at it, still using the traditional methods they’ve honed over the last 129 years, and still making that soap that got them started all those years ago. Alongside their legacy offerings, they also make this oversized bar of soap shaped like a fish. Pressed in a traditional kashigata wooden mold, it takes the form of the Tai fish, a snapper native to the western Pacific Ocean that represents good luck and great prosperity in Japanese culture. Perfect for your own shower or guest bathroom, it also makes a great gift for loved ones.

Pink: Pomegranate scent with an aroma of pomegranate, lemon oil, and peppermint

Black: Sweet muscovado scent with an aroma of brown sugar

White: Soft and delicate lily scent with an aroma of green leaves


  • 10.9 oz oversized bar shaped like a Tai snapper, a symbol in Japanese culture of good fortune and prosperity
  • Shaped on a traditional kashigata wooden mold
  • Made with low-acidity palm oil that’s gentle on the skin and certified sustainable
  • Natural linen keeper rope
  • Ships in a custom gift box
  • Made in Japan
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