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Linne Protect Daily Mineral Sunscreen

Linne Protect Daily Mineral Sunscreen

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Introducing the multi-tasking, category defining, sunscreen of your dreams! This hero product is not your average sunblock, but rather an advanced barrier cream with UV, blue light and pollution defense. Use it daily, rain or shine, for nourished, resilient and luminous skin.  We spent 4.5 years developing and perfecting this superior barrier cream due to our extremely high standards for product safety and efficacy. Over 300 customers and estheticians provided critical feedback during that development phase to create a nourishing, hydrating, light-weight, non-comedogenic, non-sensitizing, soothing, protective, reparative, rejuvenating, sweat and water resistant, color-correcting, transparent and pleasantly scented cream. In short PROTECT is your ideal day cream meets sun care. It layers perfectly over our serums and oils, and provides a primer for makeup application.


SPF 36

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