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Hibi Incense Sticks

Hibi Incense Sticks

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Each one of the Hibi matches last for about ten minutes, bringing delightful fragrances to anywhere you bring the palm-sized box, allowing short aromatherapy sessions for the busy individual.

The Harima region of Awaji island has been producing matches and incense for nearly one hundred and fifty years and the island accounts for nearly 70% of the match production in Japan. The westerly winds through Awaji island create the perfect temperature to dry incense. Each of the fragrances derives from herbs grown by a local incense producer using traditional methods.

Each box contains 8 incense sticks. Each box contains a burning pad for safe burning. Approximately 10 minutes of burn time. Scent lingers for about 30 minutes or more.

Hibi Match
Made in Japan

Care Instructions: Incense matches are more delicate than regular matches. Hold the match close to the tip and without burning yourself strike in a straight line and wait for the flame to reach the incense stick. Once it does, blow out the flame and place it on your mat.

If you strike too hard and it snaps in half, you may use a lighter (if you're able without burning yourself) to light the head of the match, let it burn and reach the incense stick and place on the mat. Take the other "half" and push it together. The second half should be able to light. This is not common and only will occur if you strike the match too hard. 

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