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Triptych Gemstone Necklace

Triptych Gemstone Necklace

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10mm cut roundels of Rose Quartz and Carnelian stones flow into a tail end of stunning and rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise smooth roundels. Tiny spacers match their respective stones, and add movement and help give the stones space, which keeps them from pinching hair. These three stones form an offbeat friendship that feels modern and playful. 14k gold filled findings and gold plated clip clasp, which can be worn in back like a traditional necklace, or in front with charm or pendant attached.  *Only one available 


Sleeping Beauty turquoise has been revered by man for its ideal, clear, robin’s egg blue color. The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine located in Globe, Arizona has produced a compelling, clear sky-blue gem that has matched or surpassed that of Persian turquoise. The mine has also been used in the mining of gold and copper in the last century. Due to the substantial rise in copper prices, the mine has now been closed since the fall of 2012 to any turquoise mining. Whatever we have on the market today is what we have left at this time. Thus, the demand for Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen quite substantially for stone buyers around the world, especially in the Asian and European markets. 

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