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Bohemian Rêves Hand Rolled Botanical Incense Sticks - Meadow

$ 22.00

Notes of exotic orchid, sultry jasmine, peachy bergamot and warm vanilla.

For the romantics and the day dreamers. An exceptionally heady, sensual floral to get absolutely lost in. Imported Frangipani, a plumeria flower essential oil, is the base of this love of mine. Sweet and reminiscent with artful citrus notes of fresh bergamot.

Clean burning luxe fragrances free from parabens, phthalates and carcinogens.

CAUTION: Always burn on a heat resistant surface or using an incense burning stand. Burn with proper ventilation. Do not directly inhale smoke. Do not brush anything against the glowing tip of the incense. Never leave incense burning while unattended.