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Stora Skuggan- Mistpuffer Eau De Parfume

$ 159.00

Stora Skuggan spent nearly four years trying to bottle the smell of this mystical thunder, and after hundreds of failed iterations they finally landed on a formula that’s airy, eerie, and utterly addictive. It’s sweet, subtle smoke mixed with grassy wetlands. It’s immortelle and marshy ozone; woody vetiver and spicy cypriol. It’s natural. It’s supernatural. We could blast ourselves with this stuff all day and happily combust. We won’t. But we could.
What We Think

Foggy but not aquatic, smoky but not heavy. Natural, but in equal parts supernatural.

Mistpouffer Fragrance Notes;

Immortelle, Bergamot, Fig Leaf, Pine, Ozone, Smoke Vetiver, Malt Sugar, Cypriol

Size: 30 ML