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Lola James Harper Candle RAINY DAYS

$ 50.00

So happy to introduce these beautiful candles from Lola James Harper, a line founded in 2013 by a Parisian creative collective as a way to translate their most cherished memories into fragrance. Every scent is inspired by a specific place, moment in time, or memory — encapsulating the people and places they love around the world.

The Rainy Days in Lake District. MYRRH/LABDANUM/YLANG. The Lake District is north of Lancaster/ UK, an evergreen land, with a permanent grey sky and huge open fields… We went to walk for a few days there… The best place to write a novel or words for songs!!!!!

Natural Ingredients and Origins : 
  • Ylang Ylang – Madagascar / Comoros
  • Tuberose - India
  • Styrax - Honduras
  • Red Thym – Spain
  • Incense – Somalia
  • Nutmeg –India
  • Black Pepper – India
  • Galbanum – Iran
  • Balkans Juniper – Macedonia / Serbia



  • Made in France / Specific ingredients sourced from Madagascar, Comoros, India, Honduras, Spain, Somalia, Iran, Macedonia, and Serbia
  • Wax is a mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coco wax) without any animal derived ingredients
  • Burn time: 60 hours
    • Extend the longevity of your candle with proper care. We recommend burning 2-3 hours at a time and keeping the wick length at 0.5 cm
  • Cotton wicks
*taken from Lola James Harper website